Justice Department finds 25% of men convicted of rape are INNOCENT!!

The US Justice Department, under President Bill Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno conducted research of convicted rapists utilizing new DNA techniques to test for innocence. The shocking discovery was that nearly 25% of men IN PRISON for rape were exonerated by DNA evidence. See the full report — Convicted by Juries,Exonerated by Science: Case […]

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Defense Attorney Praise

From a defense attorney: “The book provides an eyeopening and shocking glimpse inside of an Air Force sexual assault court martial. Anyone that is facing a sex assault allegation in the military should read this book.” He’s right. EVERY man in the military should read this book, especially the lessons learned chapter. DO NOT TALK […]

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Moral Courage

Just an update on the Wilkerson case: Prior to last month, I had not met Suzanne Berrong – the accuser’s “best’ friend at the time of the accusation and trial against Lt Col Wilkerson. I had communicated with her shortly after the wrongful conviction because I heard she had doubts that Hanks was telling the […]

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New praise for THE WHOLE TRUTH”

Bob: I read your book and congratulate you. I found it compelling. I cannot imagine how frustrating it has been to witness the shameful cowardice of so many Air Force officers who have allowed their personal ambitions to overwhelm their ethical responsibilities. I will follow future developments in the perhaps na├»ve hope that the Board […]

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Now available at Barnes and Noble

THE WHOLE TRUTH is now also available on Barnes and Noble: It is my hope that many inside and outside the military will read this and demand better from our system. For military defense attorneys, this book details how the case was lost and might help other innocent men. Equal justice under the law […]

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The origins of THE WHOLE TRUTH

When Beth Wilkerson reluctantly offered a place to sleep to a female stranger, left behind by her friends, she could never have imagined the chain of events that would lead to the wrongful conviction and imprisonment of her husband, Lieutenant Colonel James Wilkerson. I am a retired Air Force Colonel and fighter pilot with more […]

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