Moral Courage

Just an update on the Wilkerson case:
Prior to last month, I had not met Suzanne Berrong – the accuser’s “best’ friend at the time of the accusation and trial against Lt Col Wilkerson. I had communicated with her shortly after the wrongful conviction because I heard she had doubts that Hanks was telling the truth. After our e-mail

communication, Suzanne wrote a letter to Lt Gen Franklin explaining how she believed Kim Hanks was lying and how the prosecution team intimidated her and told her to keep silent. She wrote that she left her meeting with the prosecution in tears and that they threatened her “through clenched teeth.”
I met Suzanne last month in Orlando, Florida where she was attending a conference. In my opinion, Suzanne Berrong demonstrated tremendous moral courage in this case. When I review the case in my mind, I see people who willfully submitted to coercion and corruption, who withheld evidence, who willfully chose not to pursue other evidence, and somehow justified it in their own weak minds. But in Suzanne’s case, I see the strength of courage that it took for her to come forward with the truth. That is very rare these days and was certainly different in the Wilkerson case. I watched prosecutors lie, intimidate, and fabricate information for a court martial panel of five men who went like sheep down the path of prejudice and ignorance. I watched a judge bias a case with rulings that would subsequently be proven so wrong that a law clerk should have seen the error. And I watched politicians and so-called media types with closed minds berate our military to further their own agendas.
Suzanne Berrong is a bright spot in the case. She is an, albeit extremely rare, example of someone who chose to “do the right thing.” God bless her. Thank you, Suzanne.

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  1. Bill Muckler says:

    Bob, I live in Oleander Point on Riverside Drive in Cocoa. A mutual friend told me about your book tonight. I am in the process of self publishing a book and wondered if we could get together. Thanks. Bill

    • wholetruth says:

      Bill, I would be glad to meet with you although all I can tell you is that I used CreateSpace on line. It walks you through the process. I had help from another author and would not be much help to walk through it as I leaned heavily on her. There is an author group in Melbourne called the Space Coast Writers’ Guild. Valerie Allen at is a far better source. If you want to chat about the book, my email is

  2. Julie A Enger Franklin says:

    You are a fabulous writer !!! I met Suzanne while still at Ramstein….I like her. She’s a voice of reason. I don’t really know what to write to you….but I am full of bitterness…and want to scream. Thank you for writing this book. God bless you. A new definition of character….doing the right thing when everyone is watching. As C. says….it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Please write if you see this. Thank you…Julie.

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