The origins of THE WHOLE TRUTH

When Beth Wilkerson reluctantly offered a place to sleep to a female stranger, left behind by her friends, she could never have imagined the chain of events that would lead to the wrongful conviction and imprisonment of her husband, Lieutenant Colonel James Wilkerson.


THE WHOLE TRUTH is a true story of the tainted prosecution of an American fighter pilot.

I am a retired Air Force Colonel and fighter pilot with more than 33 years of service. What I witnessed at this trial and discovered in my extensive research afterward is one of the worst cases of injustice I have ever read about. It truly sickened me that members of my Air Force would willfully break rules and violate ethical standards, and I vowed to do what I could to right this wrong. In a case with zero evidence and contradicting accounts by the accuser, the Air Force sent their senior prosecutor who, joined by investigators who ignored evidence of innocence and a commander who violated rules against unlawful command influence, threatened and intimidated witnesses and handpicked a jury of officers predisposed to dislike fighter pilots.

THE WHOLE TRUTH exposes corruption in the military justice system and unlawful influence by the highest levels of our government. Political correctness is driving the military to imprison innocent men. THE WHOLE TRUTH explores in-depth the case against fighter pilot Lt. Col. James Wilkerson from the first witness statements, through the cover-up and eventual acquittal. But the acquittal was not the end. Politicians using the case for personal gain continued to persecute Lt. Col. Wilkerson despite his full acquittal.

I’ve been called by attorneys from Texas to Washington, D.C., asking how we were able to gain Lt. Col. Wilkerson’s acquittal. The reversal by the Convening Authority (general officer) was so unusual as to trigger a political storm. THE WHOLE TRUTH proves Lt. Col. Wilkerson’s innocence and exposes a one-sided, Salem-witch-trial mentality inside the U.S. military.

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  1. conan says:

    I was involved with 2 investigations; one in 1991 at McDill and the other at Aviano in 1999. It was amazing what the Wing leadership and OSI did.
    In both cases I declined counsel, which in retrospect was a mistake. All the while we have Generals commiting adultry and other atrocities and allowed to retire honorably. The military leadership is on a par with our current government as being above what is right and proper.

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